About us

~ Clothing mum and dad agree on ~


Why we do what we do

Wild & Wolf is a streetwear boho brand founded in Queensland, Australia. Gubbi Gubbi Country.

Mum, Dad and a tribe of three. We experienced what no one should when our last son Ziggy was born at 31 weeks. Spending the first part of life in the NICU & special care, it changed our perspective on everything we once knew. Money no longer mattered, buying a pile of permanent bricks did not seem necessary and the only thing we dreamt of was leaving the four walls of the hospital behind. Our new ambitions were to unite our family together and build a life of memories. Now he is finally home we want to chase good vibes, sunsets and smiles.  


What inspired us

Every late night without our little one lead to some serious online shopping. Never did we agree on the style or colour of clothing. One day it was said – Why can’t we just blend our styles. So that’s what we did. We shared our favourite stores with one another and came up with some pieces for our first spring collection ’22.


Who are we here for

For the rad little folk who are too chasing sunsets, surf, skateparks and sunflower fields. Those wanting to live a fierce wild lifestyle. Anyone creating long term memories but want to do it in style. Wear the clothing that you’ll pass onto the next tribe. Let us create your threads while you send us photos doing what you love.