Chasing adventures and leaving a gentle footprint

At Wild and Wolf, we're passionate about exploring the natural world, but we also know the importance of protecting it. That's why we're committed to minimising our environmental impact and leaving a gentle footprint on the land and sea we love to travel.

Here's how we're weaving sustainability into the fabric of Wild and Wolf:

  • Mindful Materials: We prioritize materials with a lower environmental impact whenever possible.
  • Waste Warriors: We fight waste by ordering limited quantities and using 100% recyclable or compostable packaging. This includes poly mailers, thank you cards, tissue paper, stickers, and even our postage labels (adhesive included!). Plus, our printing process uses eco-friendly thermal technology that eliminates ink cartridges.
  • Planting the Future: We partner with a company that plants a tree with every order, helping us give back to the planet.

Always innovating for a sustainable future

At Wild and Wolf, we're constantly looking ahead, planning ways to make our adventures even kinder to the planet. Here are two exciting initiatives we're working on:

  • Secondhand Wild Love: We believe pre-loved clothes deserve a second life! Soon, you'll be able to send us your gently used Wild and Wolf items. Our team will assess their condition, and if they're in great shape, you'll receive a generous 30% off store credit. These treasures will then be featured on our website, giving new customers a chance to experience Wild and Wolf style at a discount, while reducing textile waste and fast fashion.

  • Imperfectly Perfect Collection: We understand that sometimes mistakes happen during production. Instead of letting these "imperfect" pieces go to waste, we're partnering with our manufacturers to send them our way. We'll be offering these unique items with slight imperfections at a discounted price on our website. It's a win-win for you (great deals and the chance to be an environmental warrior!), the environment (less waste!), and a chance to own a one-of-a-kind Wild and Wolf piece!

We're always learning and evolving. If you have ideas on how we can be even more sustainable, we'd love to hear them! Together, let's keep the adventures wild, and the planet healthy for the generations to come!